Saturday, May 15, 2010


We are getting a new church building here in our area. A new church building means, for us, boundary changes. Since we moved here 4 years ago we have been in the same ward. For the past 2yrs. and 9mos. I have served as the Primary President.
These boundary changes could be huge and there is/has been a lot of unknowns. For instance I don't know if I will still be in the Buckeye First Ward, when the boundary changes are all said and done. If I am not then I will automatically be released from my calling- SAD. If the changes are effective immediately then last Sunday was our last day with the kids and no real chance to say goodbye again- SAD. If I am still in the Buckeye First Ward, then most likely I will stay Primary President, at least for a little while, however I know I will be losing some teachers, scout, nursery and activity day leaders and that will be- SAD.
Not knowing has really been killing me. I know whatever the changes are, they are EXACTLY what the Lord wants. And EXACTLY what we members living here need. That said I KNOW that I am going to be an emotional wreck tonight when the changes are presented. It is only natural to mourn the loss of beloved ward members. And you better believe that if we are not still in the Buckeye First Ward, and I am immediately released, the tears will come hard and fast and they won't stop for a while.
I love the kids, and oh how I love the teachers and leaders serving in Primary they are AMAZING!!!
I will keep you posted as to what happens!
Now I am off to make sure that I have tissues in my purse, you know I am going to need them!

Update 05/16
So I have now had almost an entire day to process the changes that have come. SAD is how I am feeling. I am no longer in the Buckeye First Ward. I am now in the Sundance Ward. We did not gain any new members from other wards to form this new Sundance Ward. Rather it is just a portion of our old ward. So it kind of feels like having and arm cut off or something. (Not that I really know what that feels like-it just seems an appropriate description.)
Anyway we will feel that loss greatly. As for my Presidency, we are all in the Sundance Ward. We do not know of course if we will stay in Primary or not. We do know that a Bishop has been called, but we do not know who it is. And we will not find out until May 30, on which day we will only have Sacrament meeting, Next Sunday we will all be participating in the Gila Valley Arizona Temple dedication and not have regular church meetings.
The instructions from the Stake President are that if you are a President of an organization you are to keep functioning in that capacity until your Bishop instructs you otherwise. So for the time being I am planning on running Primary the first week in June. I really hope I am able to, it will give me a little bit of closure on the whole situation.


Bridgette said...

I love your words...always. I love that your testimony shines right through a glow on a pregnant women. You are an amazing leader Darice. I hope you have felt a multitde of blessings come your way for all the time & talents you've devoted. And I hope the changes put us back in the same ward! I love ya!

Darice said...

Aw, Bridgette, thanks! You are so sweet and of course I was hoping the exact same thing. Now we are not even going to be meeting in the same building, what's up with that? Next school year I am doing all mornings for preschool, so we will need to set up regular lunch/playdates. I love ya, too!

Shelly said...

Good Luck Darice. Hope all turns out for the best. I know you can handle anything they can dish out. You are awesome!

Jeanette said...

I'm so sad to be in a different ward than your family! You have been an amazing primary president. Thank you for being a wonderful example for my children. I'll miss getting to rub shoulders with you in primary.

Darice said...

Sad does not even come close to how I am feeling. I will surely miss you too! Thank you for always being there in Primary.

The Karafa Family said...

Oh girls I am so sad! I was sitting next to Brooke on Sunday and kept saying "Please don't be Rainbow Rd" and it was... I still havent fully realized who wont be in Sundance Ward. That first Sunday will be sad again.

Darice you are such a great Primary President. Having such a caring and thoughtful leader really helps us teachers in our callings.

Darice said...

Thanks Mindy! Isn't it going to be so sad missing all of the Buckeye First ward members. My heart is truly breaking.

Watson Family said...

I echo your thoughts and the comments above. I was home with a sick Maddie and missed the mtgs, so anxious for Jerry to bring home news of the changes. I still can't imagine not seeing Sister Miles and all of the other wonderful ward members each Sunday. You've lead an amazing Primary organization and have touched the hearts of the children, teachers and leaders alike through your testimony, friendship, and Christlike love.

Darice said...

Thank you truly. Your words are too kind. And I have been richly blessed by watching you and Jerry magnify your calling as Primary teachers. Our Presidency has all talked about how we would love to be teachers, so we could go back and be as amazing as all of our teachers have been! Primary is nothing without the teachers, nursery, scout and Activity Day leaders! I have been so humbled by watching so many people quietly serve, faithfully.

Kelly and Megan said...

Oh man to all of you! I miss you all so much. Reading these comments has made me homesick for you all. I hope you are enjoying your new building (those who get to go there) and enjoying your new changes. I think of you all often.

Nick and Ashley said...

You are so sweet. Love how you responded to everyone..haha too cute! We will definitely miss you guys in our ward! I'm glad that we still share the same building so we can run into each other. ;)

Darice said...

We all miss your family so much since you have been gone! Hopefully you can make it back for a visit every now and again! The new building is beautiful and we have our first Sundance Ward Relief Society Activity tonight. Wish you were here!

Darice said...

I will miss you in the ward, I am so glad that we had that last, super fun, Relief Society Activity! Thanks for teaching me how to rat my hair!! haha So glad for play group, where we will be able to hang out and chat!!

Bridgette said... you have a calling yet? I haven't heard.

Darice said...

I am the Relief Society chorister!

Bridgette said...

I just saw your reply...nice calling! I am a tad bit jealous of that one!