Friday, July 30, 2010

4, 2, 6- but no 8! (and all of them we appreciate)

Cambryn and Sammi
4=Cambryn. On May 26 our itty-bitty Cambryn turned 4. For her birthday she got to choose a friend to take to Build-a-Bear. As you can see from the above picture she chose to invite Sammi. We did drive through for lunch- there is evidence on Sammi's cheeks. Cambryn opened her present from Sammi in the car, two My Little Ponies! Thanks Sammi.
Then we headed inside the mall, to locate the Build-a-Bear. The girls were so excited! (And so was I!)

Sammi-stepping on the foot pedal to stuff her bear with fluff!

Cambryn kissing her heart before putting it inside her bear!

The girls chose matching bears, and matching outfits!(right after we took the picture below-we went inside and exchanged Cambryn's outfit for her bear.) It was so fun to watch these two girls, they both get so animated and have darling expressions. And when they are together, they never stop talking!!

Cambryn, Sammi and their bears- dressed, stuffed and fluffed.

Cambryn sleeping with her bear that night!

The next night was her actual birthday- we had pizza and chocolate cake. She got this movie from her siblings- it was no big surprise since she was with us at the store when we bought it! To finish the celebration- you guessed it we watched this movie! Not as good as the one I remember from when I was a kid, but Cambryn loves it and that is what matters!
Cambryn with her movie.

2=Bristyn. On May 30 our Bristyn Baby turned 2. Bristyn got to tag along with Cambryn and Sammi to Build-a-Bear. She had a great time! And please don't tell her that her lamby is SO much smaller than Cambryn's bear- she doesn't know the difference!

Bristyn enjoying her lunch in the car!

Here is the only decent shot of lamby- or should I say half-decent!

Mom and Bristyn! (Dad was the photographer.)

This is what Bristyn played with the entire time- a huge unicorn on rollerskates! She loved it! But the $5 lamby is what was coming home for her!

6=Morgan. On July 2 our sweet Morgan turned 6! I can hardly believe that she is 6 and will be starting first grade! For her celebration we also went to Build-a-Bear. Morgan invited her friend Abigail. Abigail chose a cute little doggie and Morgan chose a sweet bunny. Abigail was a pro and showed us the bathtub, where you "wash" and comb your animal. The employees didn't even show us that when we took Cambryn:( Abigail and Morgan took a long time to pick out what outfit they wanted for their animals. It was really fun to watch them try to make their choice. One thing is for sure- they were totally in love with the outfits they ended up with:)

Abigail and Morgan with Morgan's present from Abigail- some Littlest Pet Shop friends! Thanks Abigail, Morgan loves them.

Abigail stuffing her doggie!

Morgan stuffing her bunny.

Abigail and Morgan "washing" and combing their new friends.

Abigail with her doggie wearing a pink bath robe and Morgan with her bunny wearing a pink dress!

We finished off this celebration with lunch at Taco Bell! Bristyn tagged along on this celebration as well only this time she was confined to the stroller since daddy wasn't able to come along. Abigail and Morgan were laughing at Bristyn's silly baby talk in the car and at her dancing to the music. It was a wonderful time.
Here's what I loved:
-So much attention could be given to my own child for their special day.
-Being totally relaxed and NOT stressed at all.
-Watching my kids have a BLAST doing something they had never done before.
-Having all three of my girls take their new friends everywhere and love on them.
-Getting a $5 off coupon that I used when I took Morgan.
Thanks to Lacey and Kaci for watching my other children while we had these celebrations!


Kelly and Megan said...

What a fun idea! I might have to steal that one. Your girls are so cute and I can't believe how grown up Bristyn looks!

Watson Family said...

You're truly a gal after my own heart! :) Loving these sweet, special, simple and stress-free birthday celebrations!

Rita said...

What fun for the girls. I want to do it too! I guess Grandmas could make a bear, right?

Tami G. said...

Darice, you're a fun mom and a good girl - through and through :)

Shantil said...

So cute! What a clever idea! I wonder if my boys would like something like that. I don't know. Maybe they'd like something like "Wield-A-Weapon!" :)

carson Bosley said...

So Abigal has two Build-a-Bear animals?