Saturday, September 11, 2010

Two Scott Libby Roadrunners!

We started our kids at a different school this year. We are now two school districts over- call us crazy- but we LOVE it! At the start of the school year Carson and Morgan were enrolled at three schools. Sundance(where they used to go), Liberty(where we thought we wanted to send them) and Scott Libby(where they are currently attending)!

I could catalog all of our reasons for moving them- but what it really comes down to is: it felt right to move them! The very day that I was turning in the kids registration at Liberty- I knew that it was not the best place for MY kids. I went ahead with it anyway as it was a better choice than Sundance. This was June and school was already out- but I decided to go ahead and file a zone variance for the Litchfield School District- I was hopeful, but not holding my breath. (Does that even make sense?)

I recieved a call back from the Litchfield School District extremely quickly, letting me know that our zone variance was approved, and we could attend Scott Libby. When I was on the phone I just knew that this is where we were supposed to go. I have a friend who has had her daughter at Scott Libby since kindergarten and she is in third grade now. I immediately called her to talk about carpooling! She takes the kids in the morning and I pick them up in the afternoon- life is good!!

The second best part- K-5!
The third best part- my kids no longer stare at the back of heads during lunch or share the cafeteria with the PE classes!
The fourth best part- NO YELLING LUNCH HELPERS!

My only regret is that we didn't get Carson there sooner, he is finally having the happy, fun experience I remember having in elementary school!


Bridgette said...

I am so glad they love it. I was just talking to someone today who is looking to move next to that school, just to have their kids attend. Sounds like it all worked out perfectly. I'm so glad they are happy there!

Watson Family said...

What a blessing to have children happily enjoying school! I love the picture, your posts, and you!

Jeanette said...

Driving through 2 school districts is definitely crazy! :)

Mahers said...

That's awesome! I'm glad it worked out for you!

Laura Mortensen said...

I'm thrilled that they love it! Scott Libby is a great school! I visited there two or three times and was impressed with the school. Yay for happy kids!