Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cambryn's Preschool Party and Ward Trunk-or-Treat Fri. Oct. 29

Half of Cambryn's Preschool class
Cambryn has a fun little group of kids for preschool, she loves when it is "her" preschool day. And I must say that as the teacher, I feel super blessed to have two darling classes. They are both such a joy to teach!
On another note- last year Cambryn refused to wear a costume- so this year when she at least put on the Ballerina outfit, from her regular dress up clothes- I was thrilled!
Our party was a blast. I splurged at the store and got the "KIDZ BOP" Halloween CD. The kids loved it- especially the scooby doo song. We had a black table cloth, orange plates, black cups and scary spider rings all over the table. Some friends brought treats to share, and we also had cheetos and cinnamon rolls with orange frosting. The kids really enjoy dressing up and always love showing there costumes off at school.

Other half of Cambryn's Preschool class
The pretty Ballerina
After Trunk-or-Treat

This day was so long, but so fun too! This is how my day turned out:

7:15am- Carson and Morgan leave for school(their school does not allow costumes).

7:15-9am- get my costume on and set up for the Preschool Party.

9-11am- Preschool Party

11am-2:20pm- clean up the party mess, make lunch, bake 3 batches of cornbread, put a chicken in the crock pot (to use in the chili), get the chili mostly made on the stove, put the corn bread into tupperware and somewhere in there get Cambryn and Bristyn down for a nap.

2:20-3:15pm- go pick up the kids from school still wearing my pirate bandana on my head and jagged cut shorts- but instead of my pirate button up shirt over my white t-shirt, I had my apron on, it was a cute look- I promise:)

3:15-5ish- after school snacks, finding every ones costume accessories, putting spices in the chili, removing the white chicken from the whole chicken-cubing it-putting it into the chili, whipping the whip cream-adding it to the chili-freaking out a little bit because it looked like the whip cream was not incorporating itself into the chili, put some chili in a bowl to test it, stop freaking out because it tasted perfect, put the dark meat portions of the chicken in a container in the fridge, start getting people into their costumes, load everyone in the car, remember that Carson needs some sort of container-run in and empty the milk into a cup-rinse milk jug and cut the top off and run and get in the car.

5ish- drive to the kids school, let Carson out before I park the car-so he can almost be on time.

5:30-6pm- Carson sings with the Chorus group at school-he had to tryout to join and he is loving it, Ryan meets us there and I cry while I am watching Carson sing-what is wrong with me?

6ish- Ryan heads home to grab the chili and corn bread, I hop in the van with the kids to head straight to the church-upon arrival we start to change Carson into his costume.

Also after Trunk-or-Treat

6:30ish-late- enjoy corn bread and chili, go straight for my own (is it bad I didn't try anyone else's?), win second place for my chili-so exciting, enjoy the carnival games inside the church, totally LOVE having my neighbor come- we have invited her every year for 5 years- it took telling her we weren't going to go trick-or-treating on Sunday to get her there, pass out candy from my trunk, enjoy having one of my best friends park her car next to me, have Morgan try to stow away in Sister Proctor's car and enjoy standing in the parking lot just talking for a long time because the weather was gorgeous!

Carson's candy calendar

We let our kids pick out their 25 favorite pieces of candy. Mom and Dad then picked out their favorites from the left-overs and we saved the rest to hand out on Sunday night. Before we knew it Carson and Morgan were both writing out candy calendars- so I would know which piece of candy to send in their lunch everyday. So classic!

Morgan's candy calendar


Watson Family said...

Love this post, the pics, and you!

Lewis Family said...

The calendars are too funny. It makes me laugh, you have some real planners on your hands, and if you ate any . . they would totally know which one. I would so be in trouble with that one.

Rangi said...

glad to know I am not the only mom that cries for basically no reason when her kids do anything that makes her proud. Sara

Rangi said...

Also glad to know that I am not the only person that has days when I wonder at night how it all got done (mostly) Sara

Rita said...

Darice, I can remember that exact feeling when I watched Ryan in his school preformances. You can't help but cry out of love and sweetness.

Mahers said...

Wow, what a day! Sounds like lots of fun though! Wish I could have seen that pirate/chef look!