Wednesday, November 17, 2010

50 mile hike minus 20 miles = No water, hurt body, and good times

This past weekend, my friend John and I went for a 50 mile hike in the Coconino National Forest on the Arizona Trail, which turned into a 30 mile hike. I realized that it has been too long since I've done something like this and didn't have the strength. Also I pulled a muscle and we ran out of water. The water filter wasn't able to make the hike, that would have been necessary had we tried to go further.

During the day it topped out at about 45 degrees and at night about 25 degrees.

Flat ground and the downhills weren't so bad, but the uphill was crazy. Stopping way too often to catch my breath.

This was home for the night, not much, but it was all we had.

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Jake & Brooke said...

I'm so glad you made it back safely!!! I was worried about you. Can wait to hear all the stories. Love you!