Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Boys will be boys

the mom with her hands protecting her head and the grandma doing a handstand

Unlike the previous post- these pictures totally need explaining! First they are not very clear/or focused- the result of either a 9 or 10 year old boy being behind the lense of the camera. Second unless you have been here to witness this in action you would have absoutely no clue what in the world you were looking at!

baby on the grandma's feet- while the grandma is still doing a handstand (she has serious skills)

These are pictures of what Sam and Carson were doing while all the girly fun was going on in the kitchen. Their second favorite thing to do- after the Wii- is jumping Hot Wheel cars, sometimes they try to get them to jump through a tiny window in the doll house, or they take to trying to hit some or all of the family members (pretend of course). So they strategically set up the persons who are the targets, create barricades and other obstacles. Then comes the challenge of holding the car tracks just right so they make contact with their intended targets. They have great fun and always want to take pictures and video. They are also quite resourceful- see picture below.

There was a box of wipe on the table in the preschool room and the boys helped themselves- i'm not sure but i think this is a tunnel.

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