Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The midnight showing!

Ryan and I took Carson to the midnight/opening showing of Harry Potter. For one night at least we were the coolest parents on the block. A huge heartfelt thanks to the Watsons for keeping Cambryn and Bristyn, and to the Perkins for keeping Morgan. It is such a blessing to have awesome friends, who do so much for us! On our way to the theater we picked up Sam and his dad. We loved having them along. We brought our Harry Potter Clue game to play in line while we waited to go into the theater. When we got their they let us go right into the theater, so there was no place to play the game. On another note Ryan was carrying $20 cash and when we went to pay for our popcorn he couldn't find it. Long story shorter- some lucky person found $20 in the parking lot and Ryan is no longer responsible for carrying the cash!

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