Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spring Break part 1- Ski Trip Utah

This past March we went to Brianhead Utah with our friends who we have been close friends with for the past 15+ years.  This was a two day ski trip.  Ryan has been skiing since he was 5 and loves to go any chance he gets.  Which hasn't been many since we've been married.  The guys spent both days on the hardest runs on the mountain.  Rebekah and Heather skied one day and Darice did not ski at all. 

While taking the chair lift up for the last run of the day, Derek who was on the chair lift behind Ryan suggested they switch his snowboard for Ryan's skis.  Neither Ryan or Derek had ever done the others sport.  Ryan thought it was a great idea.  Neither were too good at the other, at least compared to their preferred method of going down the mountain.  It took over an hour to get down.  In fact, ski patrol started clearing the mountain looking for anyone left on the mountain.  They were definitely the last on the mountain.  Ryan would definitely try snowboarding again, but questions if he would want to give up a day skiing to do snowboarding.

This is supposedly the hardest run on the mountain accessible by chairlift.
It took some nerve going over the edge, but after that it was great.

 As Ryan said above I did not ski, remember this post, well I said in that post that I was looking forward to trying skiing again.  However since that trip my knees hurt all the time as in sitting, standing, lying down- all the time.  Ryan would love me to go to the dr. about it- and I know I need to, but, I just keep putting it off- I fear the $$$ it might take to fix the problem.  So I opted out this trip and on Monday while everyone was out skiing I spent the day cooking white chicken chili and cornbread, reading and napping.  Tuesday the girls stayed with me and in the afternoon we went out to the mountain to watch our men ski.  I had a wonderful, relaxing time, loving most the one-on-one time with Ryan on the drive up and back. 

We live for these trips and are already counting down the days until the next one!

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Watson Family said...

How cool! What a fantastic trip with friends!!!