Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spring Break part 2a- CA

 My sister Vanessa was in AZ watching our kids, while we were in Utah.  Ryan and I drove back through Needles, CA, which meets the I-10 in Blythe CA, about a 2 hour drive from Buckeye.  So Vanessa put all the kids in the car and drove to Blythe and met us, Carson and Morgan then jumped in Ryan's car with him and drove back to AZ.  I hopped in the van with Vanessa, Cambryn and Bristyn and we drove to CA.  We made it to CA by dinner time and enjoyed eating and visiting with Grandpa Gary and Grandma Karla.
On Thursday my mom kept the girls while Vanessa and I headed down to Brook's to spend the day with her, baby Abbey and Brook's MIL.  It was wonderful to spend an afternoon with only ladies.  Vanessa tried on maternity clothes, and filled a suitcase with some to take home.  There was plenty of holding baby Abbey- my favorite. Grandma Chris treated us to lunch, which was super yummy.  It was truly a treat to spend time with my sisters.

Friday morning Vanessa and I set out with two very excited little girls- we were going to DISNEYLAND! And thanks to my soon to be SIL, who signed us in and Vanessa who paid for the parking it didn't cost me a dime! :) The day was a dream, we went to Small World first- less than 10 min wait, next Princess story time where we were lucky to find Snow White available for pictures- with virtually no line! Then Cinderella told us her story. Next was Dumbo which was a little longer of a wait, but we wanted to do it early before it got much hotter. Cambryn was a crack up- she would cry and be terrified before every ride- then end up liking it!

Tiffany and Rebekah have DISNEYLAND passes- so Tiff made arangements to have Rebekah attend morning Kindergartedn that day and come join us at lunch time.  When we looked for a shady spot to eat lunch we found Woody and Jessie- another photo op.  Tiff met us there and when we were done we headed over to the Winnie the Pooh ride and rode that 2 or 3 times- it was great to have kids that were the same ages so everyone was happy with the ride choices.  About this time Bristyn was starting to not feel well- she was pulling at her ears and feeling a bit warm- I thought maybe she was coming down with an ear infection.  So that meant carrying her all afternoon- she would lay her head on my shoulder- my arms and back soon started to feel like they were going  fall off.  The kids needed snack and bathroom breaks kind of often but we totally didn't mind- we were here for them!

Around dinner time Vanessa took the kids home, she is pregnant and so wouldn't have been able to ride some of the big people rides.  So she graciously took the kids home.  Bristyn was sleeping almost immediately when we put her in her carseat.  Mom, Dad, Griffin, Lauren and Kobe came and met us and also brought us pizza.  Tiff and I ate our pizza quickly- then we went on lots of big people rides, walked way too far, way too fast and when Tiff and I got home we looked like old ladies hobbling down the sidewalk with our backs hunched over.  I was SO tired- but is was SO worth it.  What I miss most about not living in CA is being with my family- however a very close second is DISNEYLAND passes- I LOVED having those when we lived there!

Saturday we went to a craft fair and got our toes done.  Sunday Brook and James blessed Abbey- it was wonderful- I don't have pictures from Sunday because I was using my mom's camera- next time I go down I will load the pics onto my memory stick and then put some up here.

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