Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bristyn's 3rd Birthday

The family singing to Bristyn- I used a leftover cupcake from Cambryn's party- the cheater pants way to do it, but what can I say?
Bristy girl while we were singing to her- she beat mom and dad at waking up.

She was done eating once the frosting dissappeared.

Singing to her at her party.

Her friends, sibling and friend's siblings.
Bristyn's birthday was last Monday, May 30!  Bristy-girl got to celebrate for a few days.  She opened her first gift on Cambryn's birthday: it came in the package with Cambryn's from Grandma Karla and Grandpa Gary.  We celebrated with her on her birthday and let her open her present from us- I originally had a different gift for Bristyn- but it has lots of little pieces and after Cambryn got so many new things for her party- I thought we could do without more little pieces.  Plus Bristyn loved getting the movie.  This past Friday, June 3rd we had a little party for Bristyn- we did bagels for her birthday and invited 5 of her little friends, their siblings and moms.  It was perfect and I loved getting to chat with some of my friends.  Thank you Ashley for bringing the rice krispy treats it worked perfect for the candles!
Multi-tasking: eating her treat and opening presents at the same time.

We used the same game from Cambryn's party too!
Grandma Karla and Grandpa Gary's gift.

Grandma Bosley's gift.


Jake & Brooke said...

Happy birthday to Cambryn and Bristyn! Those parties looked like fun. Can't wait for you guys to move back to CA so we can be neighbors again :)

{april kennedy} said...

looks like fun parties all around! just wanted to stop by and say thanks for your comment and support. i really appreciate it. also thanks for having my button on your blog. what a sweet surprise!! have a great day.

♥ april

{april kennedy} said...

Blake's birthday is tomorrow! We are heading to either the beach or the pool. Haven't decided yet. He isn't a huge fan of they are hit or miss around here depending on the year!!

Have a happy fairy party tomorrow.
And...if you go into your settings and 'show your email address' then I can respond directly to your comment through your email address. Just a hint...but not sure I know the directions exactly. Sorry!

Watson Family said...

You have the most beautiful birthday girls! :) Loving and missing y'all!!!