Friday, June 3, 2011

Cambryn's 5th Birthday

Cambryn's birthday was last Thursday, May, 26!  This girl got to celebrate from the moment she was woken up to the moment she went to bed.  The family woke her up by singing Happy Birthday- a tradition.  She went down stairs and found a present from Grandpa Gary and Grandma Karla, we had waffles- her request.  The morning was spent doing last minute decorating and prep for her birthday party.  And her friends came at 12:00pm.  Including Cambryn and Bristyn we had 19 kids here- it was CRAZY.  Cambryn chose a TANGLED theme and it was so fun!  Thank you to my friend Lacey who helped during the party- I couldn't have done it without you!  After the party we picked up Carson and Morgan from school and when we got home there was a present in the mail from Grandma Bosley.  For dinner we had Papa John's- I was planning to make homemade- but when she requested Papa John's I happily obliged!  We went and played at the park and then she opened up our present right before bed.

Waking up.

Grandma Karla and Grandpa Gary's gift.

Big poster on the garage door

Rapunzel's braid hung on the front door.  Ryan helped me make it the night before.

18 kids- Bristyn is not in the picture.

The kids are holding Pascal crafts- they turned out so cute!

Cutest birthday girl ever.

Waiting to play pin the frying pan on Flynn Rider.

Cutest birthday girl ever- again.

Cambryn and Sammi after the party.

Grandma Bosley's gift.

Her tummy was hurting- she didn't even take one bite of the family cake at night.

Her gift from mom and dad.

The family singing her Happy Birthday- no one was harmed in the making of this film. :)

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Andrew Bosley said...

Happy Birthday Cambryn!!! Looks like a fun filled day!
Uncle Andrew and Aunt Maren