Monday, October 31, 2011

Morgan's birthday July 02, 2011

Morgan wanted a Fairy party this year.  Like Cambryn, Morgan got to have her party on her actual birthday.  The two weeks leading up to her birthday we had my niece Lauren staying with us during the day and she helped decorate for the party.  We made Mushroom cupcakes and made the chairs for musical chairs look like mushrooms also.  The girls who came got to make their own wand and color a wooden bookmark.  We played musical chairs and fairy-fairy-troll.  With our cupcakes the girls also got to enjoy a couple of recipes from the Fairy cookbook Morgan got for Christmas years ago.  The party was super enjoyable for me and I know Morgan had a good time as well.  However she has high expectations for everything- and was dissapointed that so many friends she invited were not able to come.  After the party we got Little Ceasars for lunch and then we went to the Buckeye pool.  We saw our friends the Jensens there, which meant we stayed at the pool longer.  Nikki Jensen came home with us to have waffles and play(more) with Morgan on her birthday.

It's freaking me out a little bit that I sound exactly the same in every "birthday song singing video."  Oh well!

 These two things are what we gave Morgan- a little purse/wallet to keep her hard earned money in and an art set she has had her eyes on since last Christmas.  She loved them.  Her crimped hair was a special request- thanks to our sweet friends the Mortensens- who have a totally awesome vintage crimper.  This girl is full of spunk and attitude and we love her fiercely.

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Nick and Ashley said...

Cute party, Morgan's krimps are styling. Can't believe I've missed so many posts. You seriously haven't been updating and waamo, I might have to check it more often now. ;)