Monday, November 7, 2011

Swim Lessons end of June beginning of July 2011

We signed each of our kids up for the same swim session.  It was a pretty penny.  But definitely worth every cent.  We took lessons from someone's home and it was awesome I loved the one on one attention each child got.  The first day Cambryn was terrified and of course Bristyn just went right in with the teacher.

On the first day Cambryn was screaming/crying and she went and hid behind the trash cans by the back gate.  After I came and got her she decided to try hiding behind the a/c unit.  I pretty much figured this is how her first day would go.  The second day went much better.  The other kids just went right in and did what the teacher told them to.  Each one of them improved their swim skills tremendously.  We saw enough growth in Carson and Morgan that we are going to sign them up for swim team next year, through the town.  We will for sure bring Cambryn and Bristyn back to this same teacher.  We loved her!

We celebrated the last day of lessons by getting breadsticks at Target.  Yummy!

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