Monday, December 26, 2011

Camping With the Guys- a post written by Ryan

 A few weeks ago, Robert, John and I went for a cold weekend at Christopher Creek.
 The meals were great.  Mc Donalds, egg burritos, sandwiches, fajitas and oatmeal.
 Each night got down to the mid to low 20s.   On our hike the further we went, the deeper the snow got.  We finally turned around when the snow was up to our knees.  Not just my knees on my short legs, but the knees on the tall guys too.  By the time we got back to camp about 6 hours later, our feet were so wet that we wrung our socks out and then put them on sticks and roasted them like marshmallows to dry them.  We were so tired by 6pm we prepared dinner and started to get ready for bed and were sleeping by 8pm.  We are such wimps. 8pm.  I'm not sure how far we hiked, but I'm sure it seemed much farther than it actually was.   
It was a great weekend.  We are now talking about the Grand Canyon.  Can we do it in one day, or should we do it in two.  Two days  means more gear, but one day means less time to rest.
We'll see. I need to start getting in better shape. 

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Jake & Brooke said...

How fun Ryan! I'm not gonna lie, I worry when you do these hikes but glad to see you survived :)