Monday, December 26, 2011

December Happenings

One night for Family Home Evening we made green rice krispy treats and shaped them into wreaths or Christmas trees.  I love rice krispy treats- so that's why we choose these- plus they are easy and fast- two things I like as well.  We had hot chocolate too and then went looking at Christmas lights.  The kids are in their pajamas so they would be ready for bed when we got home.

We go to check on the kids every night and one night we found Morgan like this- I thought it was very cute so I snapped a picture.

Carson had his Christmas Chorus Concert- which they of course call a Winter Concert now.  He sang well and it is always fun to watch my kids do something they enjoy- and even more fun when you share that same love with them.

On December 17 we had family pictures taken- they turned out well- we were excited to have them taken.  When we were snapping the last few pictures Morgan said she was not feeling well.  The plan was for the whole family to go to The Temple Lights straight from getting family pictures taken.  We decided however that Ryan better keep Morgan home just in case.  So we stopped really quick at the grocery store so Ryan could pick up French bread to make pizza.  While he was in the store Morgan threw up in the parking lot.  So we drove them home and changed our clothes really fast.  Then we were on our way.  We stopped at IN-N-OUT for me and Taco Bell for Carson and Cambryn- Bristy just grabbed something at home when we were there.  Anyway I bit into my cheeseburger with onions and there were NO onions- truly disappointing.

There is a Dairy Queen right next to the Temple and it's sort of tradition to get icecream when we go to visit the Temple grounds.  I opted to go through the drive thru right as we got there and have us eat our icecream in the nice warm car.  The soft serve icecream tasted delicious- it's my favorite kind.  There was a special spirit at the Temple as always and it was a fun night with three of my kids.  I was sad for the whole family to not go together- but Ryan and I decided I better take these three that night- because it was the night we had set aside to go.  I love my family and I love Christmastime!

 The last day of school, before Christmas break, Dec. 23, Cambryn sang at the assembly at school, with the rest of Kindergarten.  They sang a song about courage- it was very cute.  That morning we asked her if she was going to actually sing or just stand there.  We never know with her.  She told Ryan that she was going to sing as loud as she could and she did!  I especially loved going to this, because our carpool friends, who have now moved to Gilbert, were there.  My friend has been so sick with her pregnancy that she hasn't been able to come to hardly anything so there has not been opportunity to say goodbye.  Well I got to sit next to her and chat and see her after school that day- it was just the sort of closure that I needed and we look forward to getting together with them fairly often- we love them!

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