Monday, June 18, 2012

The Big Surprise

Every Monday I invite whoever would like to, to join me for a bagel breakfast.  It is pretty simple really, come eat and chat and let the kids play.

These two ladies had the sneaky idea to throw a SURPRISE baby shower for me on a Monday bagel morning.  I had asked around at church the day before, to see if anyone was coming for bagels.  I never do that, but the van was in the shop and Ryan was going to take the kids to school.  So if I was going to pick up bagels I would need to go super early- before he left with the car.  More people were coming than usual and I was excited.  Imagine my COMPLETE surprise when I opened my front door- expecting my one friend and her daughter- but instead found at least 10 women with children, food, chairs and baby gifts.  The group quickly grew to 21 women and in no time my kitchen looked like the picture below.  It was so much fun to be surprised and spoiled by all of these wonderful women.  Most people might think for a fourth girl you don't need a baby shower, in most cases that is correct.  However, as most of you know, we had gotten rid of all of our baby stuff- including clothing.  So it really was so perfect to get some way cute clothes for our little girl plus lots of diapers and wipes!      


Eating and chatting!

Opening gifts and playing games.

Pictures with friends!


Jake & Brooke said...

How fun!!! I'm glad you guys have good friends that take care of you.

Love you guys!

Watson Family said...

What a wonderfully awesome and well deserved surprise by so many ladies that love you!