Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The rest of April 2012

Carson's Science project- which fruit/vegetable conducts the most electricity.

Grandma Karla and Grandpa Gary came for a visit.  We had a wonderful time!  The kids, and Ryan and I LOVE when they come to visit.  They bring so much happiness and joy into our home.  I am sure Grandma and Grandpa enjoy their visits a little more now that they actually have a room to stay in and a bathroom to use that actually has space on the counter to put their clothes- in the old house they would have to set their clothes on top of the toilet- sad but true!  They got here Friday night and left Monday morning.  These pictures were taken Sunday afternoon and night.  It was a nice, relaxing, fun day! 


My parents continue to tease me, by looking at homes when they are here.  Oh, how I wish they would move here- I miss them too much!  We always tell them also that if they do come- they need to get a house with a pool!  Cause everyone knows that the only thing better than having your own pool- is grandma and grandpa having a pool!  I am thankful for loving parents who are now amazing, loving grandparents!

Kind of a weird picture of Bristyn- but I love how it shows off her blue eyes.  And below, wearing daddy's shoes!

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Grandma Bosley said...

Besides the pretty blue eyes, look at her long eyelashes. What a cutie!