Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wax museum, piano recital, dinner with friends and burning pants- OR -the first week of May

One of Carson's end of the year projects was to participate in a wax museum.  He had to choose someone famous from the past, prepare a poster about them, dress up like them and prepare a monologue.  On Open House night the kids had to sit like statues and only when someone came and pushed the "button" on their hand they would come to life and share their monologue.  Carson chose Lord Baden Powell the founder of scouting.  He did a great job and it was really neat to watch all the kids and see and hear the different people everyone chose to be.


When we got there and went and asked Carson some questions, he would not even answer us.  Too funny!  Also he had forgotten to put on his super awesome mustache to finish his look.  I can't believe Carson is going to Junior High next year, I am excited for him!  He has been accepted into the Honors program and I think he will really enjoy the challenge and resposibility.

Morgan and Carson playing in their spring piano recital.  They are both doing really well!  I enjoy so much listening to them practice.  And in our post of the winter recital be looking for pictures of Ryan, because he started lessons about 2 weeks before this recital!  My favorite thing is that their teacher has them, Ryan and Carson, work on a hymn in addition to their other books.  One of the best memories of Sundays as a teenager was standing at the piano singing hymns, while my sister played.  I am excited that that will probably happen for our family in the future.

These ladies are some of my oldest and dearest friends.  At one point we all lived in the same apartment complex in CA.  We had a wonderful time there- we would go to the park on Mondays, go to McDonalds on Wednesdays and Fridays we would walk to the bagel shop around the corner and come to my place to eat them.  Then around 10am start getting into swimsuits and go out to the pool.  So many good memories with these girls.  Anyhow we are all out here in Arizona now- but way more spread out than when we lived in the same apartment complex.  We don't see eachother very often and when we do we usually have all the kids with us- which is a lot of kids at this point.  This night was a special treat- we sat and talked pretty much until we got kicked out, because it was closing time! 

Carson came home one day with a hole in his pants- in a very conspicuous spot- he asked if he could burn them and I said yes- these are the remains of said pants.   

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Grandma Bosley said...

I'm glad your life is soooo good. Many blessings. :)