Sunday, June 24, 2012

Uncle Griffin's Wedding Weekend- May 11,12&13

Our original plan was to leave to drive to CA the night of the 10th, however I was asked to speak at our Relief Society Meeting on the Joys of Motherhood.  It was a great experience, for me, to focus on everything I love about being a mother.  I really enjoyed the talk given after mine about our role as women of God!  One fun thing that happened that night was a voicemail I received from Morgan just before the meeting began- it was awesome!  The video below is the voicemail- I just took a video of the phone while I played the voicemail- so it is not much to look at- but I hope you find the voicemail as entertaining as I did.  And totally ironic to listen to minutes before you get up to speak about the Joys of Motherhood.  The article I was asked to base my talk on- you probably have already seen or read- but in case you haven't here is the link  You will not be dissapointed- I promise!   

So instead we left Friday morning about 7:15am and the drive was great as always.  We made it by lunch time and ate at Rainforest Cafe and walked around Downtown Disney for a while.  Then we went to Ryan's highschool so he could buy a copy of his Senior yearbook.  The plan for Friday night was family pictures with my family.  My parents booked a studio and we were all to meet there.  So after we got Ryan's yearbook we headed to Grandma Bosley's house- got dressed for pictures, ate a quick dinner and headed over to the studio.  It was super fun to be all together, after pictures we went to Grandma Karla and Grandpa Gary's house for icecream sundaes.  The kids were having such a fun time with their cousins.    


On the way home Bristyn fell asleep with her ball- she hardly let go of it the entire time we were driving- for the whole trip!


Saturday morning was the only time we had to see Brooke, Jake, Kate and meet sweet baby Audrey.  Jake's cousin's wedding was at the same time as Griffin's and it was a few hours away.  We met them for breakfast at my old Bagel Shop- Bagel Me!  Little Audrey is so sweet and we are glad we were able to see these guys- even if it was just for a little bit- Love you!   

We went with Grandma Bosley to the Back Bay for a picnic lunch- then we drove to the beach and walked around for a bit.  Then is was back to Grandma Bosley's to get ready for the wedding.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful!  I totally cried watching my baby brother get married.  He and Leola have been dating for 5 years, so we are so excited to see them married- finally!  The reception was a great party the kids were having a BLAST dancing the night away!  When we changed for the wedding the camera got left in Ryan's other pocket so all of the photos of the wedding/reception are "borrowed" from facebook.   
Sunday was Mother's Day we had breakfast with Grandma Bosley and went to church from 9-12 with her.  Then we went to Sacrament meeting with Grandma Karla and Grandpa Gary at 1. Then to their house for a taco feast and to watch Leola and Griffin open their wedding gifts. 

Me and my sisters- so fun!

The girls had fun decorating the playhouse with ribbons from the packages.
After Leola and Griffin opened their gifts, we gave Grandma Karla and Great Grandma Durham their Mother's Day gifts.

This gift that Jaina is opening is one that Bristyn has had under her bed ever since we got back froms CA in January- as soon as we got home she packed up some "treasures" in this gift bag and asked if we could drive to Jaina's house to give it to her.

Next my kids and Ryan gave me my Mother's Day gifts.  I totally went into the ugly cry when I opened my wedding ring that Ryan had repaired- it had been broken for over a year and I am so glad to have it back.  

My grandma, mom, sisters and me.
4 generations.

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What a wild weekend! Lots of fun!