Sunday, June 24, 2012

Swim Team, Swim Lessons and Preschool

So we left CA at 7:30pm Sunday night- later than we have left in years. Ryan drove the first half and then since he had to work in the morning- I drove the last half. Everyone in the car was sleeping except me. We made it home at 12:30am. And the next morning was business as usual, packing lunches and out the door to school. The kids only had a half day thank goodness! I REALLY needed a nap and I kind of got one.

May was super busy and from Griffin's wedding on I feel like I did not stop. We put Carson and Morgan in swim team this year and so May 14- the day after we got back from CA it started. The practices were from 4-6pm, Mon-Thurs, with Morgan swimming from 4-5 and Carson swimming from 5-6.

Because I thought that wouldn't be busy enough, I decided to have the two younger girls take private swim lessons at someone's house, from 6:30-7:30.  So we would drive up our road and drop Carson off and keep going about 10 minutes east to their swim lessons.  Their lessons were T-Th.  It was pretty nuts.  Following are some pictures and videos of Bristyn and Cambryn.

As if that wouldn't have been enough- this was also my last week of preschool- so I had my end-of-the-year celebrations on Thursday. 

My cute toddler class- one of our friends was sick the last few days :(

Me and my cute Bristyn.

Part of my Pre-K class.  Ryan had to take the van this day and the camera was in the van- of course!  So these pictures are courtesy of parents and facebook again!



Grandma Bosley said...

So fun to see the swim lessons.

Watson Family said...

You are seriously Super Mom juggling so many wonderful activities for your children! Love it, love you!