Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Post about Talent Shows and the last week of School- May 21-25

First up was Cambryn, the entire Kindergarten performed a song together.  It was super cute.  Cambryn really came out of her shell toward the end of the year, so it was really fun to watch her actually participate in the singing and dancing!

Morgan performed in the morning as well.  She played one of her recital pieces.  If you look closely you can see that she did not use music, she had the song totally memorized.  We enjoyed watching her walk up without hesitation and with a whole lot of confidence!  She played her piece perfectly!

Carson was supposed to play that same day- just in the afternoon, with the upper grades.  But we got a call from the school, while we were out shopping(Ryan was home btw), that told us to come pick up the kids, because the power was out.  So his talent show was actually a couple of days later. He also played a recital piece, from memory, and nailed it. 

In addition to the talent shows, I also had sprinkler parties for both girls, on different days.  You can come and have a picnic lunch and then the kids get to play in the sprinklers.  They love it- Bristyn got to play in the sprinklers too- so she loved it!  On Wednesday, I was supposed to volunteer all day for the 5th grade celebration, but Bristyn woke up not feeling well.  And to be honest- I was super glad to have a day to catch up.  I am pretty sure I spent the morning doing multiple loads of laundry and cleaning- it was wonderful.  I also took a nap too, something I wish I would have been able to do more during this pregnancy.  

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Grandma Bosley said...

Way to go Morgan and Carson! I love to see you play the piano so well. nice job!