Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Last day of School Celebration at the Splash Pad- May 25

The last day of school the kids got out at 10:50am.  We met four other families at the Splash Pad, to celebrate the start of summer!  A highlight was definitely that one of the families were our carpool buddies- that moved to Gilbert in December.  They got out of school on Thursday and wanted to come see their friends- I am so glad they did!   


Cambryn's mad skills on the Monkey Bars.

Three cute girls.

Two cute girls and a cute boy.

Two other cute girls.

The kids from three families the other two families had already left for home.  The rest of us stayed for hours.  I love good friends- they just make everything better!  We miss our Gilbert friends so much!  This was a perfect start to our summer!

Me and my carpool buddy- our due dates are 2 weeks apart.

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