Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Birthday Lunches

This is me and one of my sweet friends daughters M.  I met Lucy for lunch on Friday June 15, Lucy's birthday is in May and mine is in August so we just go sometime between the two to celebrate both our birthdays.  It was great to catch up with her, as she moved last summer, she is about 45 min away now.  We have been able to see eachother a few times.  I love her and cherish anytime I get talking or being with her!

These ladies served as my counselors and secretary, when I was Primary President.  I needed them more than they probably understand.  They helped get me through, what I refer to as my year of crazy!  This is the first year we have gone out for birthday lunches and it certainly will not be the last.  We went out for breakfast in March for Mary, for lunch in April for JoAnna, for lunch in the beginning of June for Lacey and for lunch (above) in the end of June for me.  We wanted to fit it in before the baby and before JoAnna leaves us and moves to Utah :(

Lacey is also expecting and you probably won't believe that she is half way along.  I kept telling her I couldn't take a belly picture with her because she wasn't showing yet.  However I am running out of time so I figured we should get one!  BTW- I am thrilled that she will have a little one come about Halloween time!

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Watson Family said...

So loving yours & Lacey's baby bumps- simply adorable!!!