Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Morgan's Birthday Party- June 14

We had Morgan's birthday party early this year because her new sister is coming 4 days before Morgan's birthday, which means I will be coming home from the hospital on Morgan's birthday.  I will in NO way be feeling up to a birthday party anytime soon after my c-section.  For her party this year, Morgan wanted a "late night" party.  So call me crazy but we planned it from 6-9 at night.  I have NEVER done a party that has lasted that long.  I was a little nervous, but without reason, all of the girls got along super well.  They came in their pajamas, as we waited for everyone to arrive, the girls played "don't let the balloon touch the floor."  When we were all together we started the movie and fed the girls pizza.

The game Morgan wanted was pin the dot on the mushroom.  We spun the girls and it was hilarious to watch them all try to walk straight- why is that always so entertaining?  They also played hide-n-seek, which was equally hilarious, since we only hid upstairs and the girls mostly hid together and were NOT quiet.  But they were having fun and that is all that matters!

After the games, Morgan opened her presents. Pictured here is just a sampling of what she got.  The picture below is a box of envelopes- your eyes are not playing tricks on you!  One of her friends gave her a big bag totally filled with "art" things.  These two are as close to the same person personality wise as any two kids could be.  So she was confident Morgan would love what she picked out- and  she did!  We sang to Morgan and then let the girls frost their own cupcakes- red frosting and then stick in white chocolate chips- so they look like mushrooms.  To finish the party we turned on the movie again and waited for the parents to arrive to pick up their girls.  Morgan was thrilled with how her party turnd out, which made me very happy.

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