Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bristyn's Birthdayand Build a Bear- May 30

We of course woke up Bristyn by singing to her.  Then she opened some birthday cards.  We had swim team and swim team prep.  For her "party" Bristyn chose to bring one friend to Build a Bear.  So cute little A  and her mom joined us.  We started by opening the gift A had brought for Bristyn and then went to McDonalds for lunch.

We hopped on the freeway and headed to the mall.  A and Bristyn were so cute holding hands through the mall.  They chose matching bears and had a great time.

They gave their bears a bath and combed their fur.  Bristyn picked a dress for her bear almost immediately when we walked in.  A took time looking around after her bears bath and chose the perfect dress for her bear.

After giving their bears names and filling out the birth certificates, we got cookies at Paradise Bakery.  So Yummy.

That night we had cake- which is actually just a corner of Cambryn's cake leftover from her party the day before- until Bristyn complains that is what I am going to do!  Bristyn then opened her cupcake dog!

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