Thursday, March 24, 2011

Monday dec 27 & Tuesday dec 28

The Monday after Christmas Grandpa Gary took off work to come play with us. We were so happy to have him come spend time with us. Our morning was nice and relaxed, then we went to Taco Bell for lunch. Grandpa took us to the Discovery Science Center and we had a blast. Rock climbing, laying on a bed of nails, being in the show, playing in the big gingerbread houses and playing the virtual harp/among other things. That night Grandma stayed with the girls while the rest of us went to see the movie that we missed Christmas night.

Tuesday Ryan stayed home and enjoyed peace and quiet while he read his book. The kids and I went with Grandma, Aunt Tiffany, cousin Jaina, cousin Bekah and the daycare kids to the park. We ate lunch and played. The kids and the adults had a wonderful time. I think Tiff and I stayed for about 3 hours. While Tiff and I were still at the park, Grandma took advantage of Ryan being home and ran to the store. The 28th is Grandma Great's birthday, so after daycare everyone,except Ryan,who was picking up Grandma Bosley from the airport, went over to sing to Grandma Great and enjoy cinnamon rolls- Yum!
cousin jaina
grandpa great, me, grandma great- pic oct 2010

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