Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wed dec 29 through new years day- with Grandma Bosley

We got to Grandma Bosley's on Wed. morning and stayed with her for the rest of our trip. Shortly after we arrived we began making an awesome gingerbread house. It was so much fun to work on it together and then see it all come together. We had put Bristyn down for a nap- when I went to check on her she was a giggly playing with her toys. Cambryn enjoyed taking a little break and playing with the train.

In the night we had Christmas, Brooke and Jake came over (which they did so much while we were there- and we loved) and we enjoyed a very yummy Christmas dinner and gift opening. We were definitely spoiled by Grandma Bosley. Especially the adults- she is taking us all on a cruise to ALASKA! Ryan and I are very excited not only to see ALASKA, but also to spend time with Rita, Jon, Rebecca, Brooke, Jake, Andrew and Maren. The cruise is going to be at the very end of August. We don't know yet what we are going to do with our kids, because our babysitter that we had all lined up decided to have her due date to close to when the cruise is. Can you believe the nerve? Anyway we jest- we are so thrilled for Vanessa and Brian, and can't wait to meet their little bean!

Thursday morning Grandma, Ryan, Carson and Morgan took a very, very, very cold wald on the beach. They enjoyed it a lot, however I was happy to stay warm back at the house taking a nap with the younger girls. That night we went to "the" Snoopy house- the owners have been decorating like this for many, many years. It was my first time seeing this house, even though it is only a couple miles from the house Ryan grew up in. It is super amazing- the kids loved it and had a great time running around with cousin Kate.

New year's eve morning we had traditional apple fritters. This trip we had lots of time to relax an we sat by the fire visiting, went shopping together, played games had lots of good food and just enjoyed eachother.

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