Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Trip to Queen Creek to visit old friends and meet new ones

Attractive- I know!  However this is often what Carson has to resort to to entertain himself- silly things.  He is almost always the oldest kid- by quite a bit and so is often bored.  We have some friends we knew back at the institute, they have lived quite a few different places around the country.  He works as a professor and e-mailed to say he would be in Phoenix for a conference.  The entire family was here, so we set up a dinner.  Carson and their oldest son "met" eachother through our blogs and started e-mailing back and forth a few years ago.  We were excited for them to meet in person.  And of course wouldn't you know it- not a single picture.

We had a wonderful time at dinner with the Coombs, Roses and Smiths.  Thanks Smiths for letting us know you were in town- it was a blast.  Since the next day was Memorial Day we decided to spend the night and spend the next day in Queen Creek as well.  However a couple of days before we left, I got an e-mail from Carson's scout leader, that a hike had been planned for the morning of Memorial Day.  So Ryan and Carson actually drove back home Sunday night, went on the hike early Monday morning and then drove back out to Queen Creek.  Monday we had breakfast at the Howard's yummy breakfast burrittos.  Then we had a barbecue and went swimming at the Rose's.  That night we had dinner and dessert at the Howard's again. Then it was back home.

Rebekah and I, she is due a little less than 3 months after me.  I have known this girl since I was 15/16 and she is such a treasure in my life.  She has been cheerleader, supporter and wonderful advice giver.  She is also the one who encouraged me to start my in-home preschool and that has been a HUGE blessing for our family!  Thanks Peep- I love you!

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